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Coyote 05:52


Migrants are often between two worlds that do not really have a place for them: fleeing economic or political hardship and entering a place (ostensibly the U.S.) that fundamentally demands their labour yet officially outlaws them and treats them as sub-human. The coyote is doing a kind of extraordinary favor by rendering an extra-legal service, and putting themselves in harm's way to do so.

Why choose this particular job?

Perhaps because the coyote is "between," themselves. This casts them as a kind of archetypical shamanistic figure: a psychopomp, a guide of souls like Anubis, Charon, Hermes, Mercury, or Tarkovsky's Stalker. But, unlike this Jungian pantheon of tricksters, our coyote is not bound by divinity or magicks — they are a mercenary; they are bound by cash.

In Nomadology: The War Machine, Deleuze & Guattari "redefine the relation between the state and its war machine. Far from being a part of the state, warriors (the army) are nomads who always come from the outside and keep threatening the authority of the state. In the same vein, nomadic science keeps infiltrating royal science, undermining its axioms and principles. Nomadology is a speedy, pocket-sized treatise that refuses to be pinned down. Theorizing a dynamic relationship between sedentary power and schizophrenic lines of flight, this volume is meant to be read in transit, smuggled into urban nightclubs, offices, and subways."

It then follows the special economic zone is a stage for our coyote, our trickster, to turn logics and fortunes of capitalism inside out and upside down. The interior shared-self which persists through ultra time flow is, yes: dancing in place to move forward... and the special economic zone suspends the rules to incentivize a certain dancing, a particular folding back into itself to realize commerce, competition, fucking, running, transgressing, renewing.

If the trickster makes this world, it follows the mercenary makes the state.


released March 20, 2023

Précis by Cory Salveson, album art prompt by John von Seggern, music by Tyler Etters.

Selected samples: Dark Souls III, Mission: Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol, X-Files, Metal Gear Solid, Underoath, Fortnite "Fracture" Event, Black Hawk Down.

Inspired by a trip with my mother to Tijuana, Mexico, 2022.

For Timm.




STUXNET Los Angeles, California

The figure runs towards the door of the strip mall.

He holds a designer computer and a bottle of Florida water.

The door can only be opened from the other side.

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